is Innovative Solution
improving Yields
of Agricultural Crops

SiAgra is an innovative solution improving yields of agricultural crops and including or returning non-productive, infertile, arid and sick soils to agriculture.

SiAgra is a nanomaterial based on potassium hydro-silicate hard gel, amorphous silica and organic acids.

SiAgra is a perfect growing medium for artificial soil based on sandy ground.

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How Does SiAgra Work?

SiAgra creates a water depot.

During watering, SiAgra binds the water and forms a colloidal structure. Then it releases water enriched with potassium and silica to the root system as and when necessary. Depending on soil type this allows a 30-60% reduction of water consumption for irrigation.

SiAgra forms organics in the root area

Adding SiAgra to sandy ground enables the effect of organics forming in the root area. As a result, as plants grow the amount of humus grows instead of declining. The availability of a sufficient amount of humus and high water-retaining capacity allow managing the growth of the root system.

SiAgra creates depot of useful substances

SiAgra creates a depot of essential micro- and macroelements. It significantly stimulates the growth of the root system. SiAgra also reduces the absorption of heavy metals and radionuclides by plants. And stimulates the growth of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms.

SiAgra contributes to plant health

SiAgra stimulates increased content of glutathrone and ascorbic acid in plant’s leaves. It supports plant growth, as a result, plants grown with SiAgra look stronger and more healthy. SiAgra intensifies photosynthesis for plants with various photosynthesis types (C3, C4, CAM).

SiAgra application

SiAgra would deliver the best effect in arid regions with infertile soils and a lack of fresh water.

It would be also effective to use SiAgra for urban greening and landscaping, production of potting substrate and growing of grass lawns for stadium fields, courts and golf courses.

Although SiAgra is an all-purpose agricultural solution, there is no one universal application for all. The great variety of plant species with different photosynthesis types, climate conditions and soil qualities require custom solutions for every particular task or project.

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