SiTech is a family of innovative silicate products with wide range of applications — from construction industry, chemical and aircraft manufacturing solutions to agriculture.

All products are based on our unique sodium/potassium hydro-silicate hard gel with content of chemically bound water up to 20% by weight.

All SiTech products are inspired by nature — they are safe, wasteless and 100% recyclable.

Environmental Care

Environmental care is our top priority at all the stages of our products’ life cycles: production, usage and recycling. Our products and technologies contribute to environmental care and provide numerous innovative solutions for ecologically responsible operations.


For all the SiTech products we use widely available and affordable amorphous silica earth as raw material.

Our production technology of SiCoat and SiAgra has a low CO2 emission due to utilization of exothermal heat. Production of SioPor, SioTherm, SiDeck and SiBrick require just 300 °C for expanding process, and as a result, also has a low CO2 emission.

No organic solvents are used during SiCoat production. Our technology is wasteless, no pollution, no effluents, no solid wastes and no air pollutant emission.

Products Application/Usage

SioPor, SioTherm and SiBrick are effective thermal insulating materials. Using them in construction and industry allows significant saving of heat and lowers need in further energy consumption. As a result, our customers can reduce the CO2 emission during the whole cycle of operations.

All SiTech products are safe, 100% fibreless and have zero-emission (European class E0).

Using SiAgra allows including and/or returning non-productive, infertile, arid and sick soils to agriculture and having a significant impact on the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

SiAgra allows improving yield of energy crops and reduction of using and burning irreplaceable fossil fuels.


All SiTech products are 100% recyclable. There is no hazardous waste during recycling of all the SiTech products.

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