SioTherm is an innovative
thermal insulation
and fire-protection
for industrial equipment
and pipelines

SioTherm is a porous silicate material for thermal insulation and fire-protection of industrial equipment surfaces (furnaces, ovens, boilers and heat-exchangers) and technological pipelines.

SioTherm is produced of SioPor porous granules bound with the expanded silicate binding.

This creates fractal porosity through the volume of the material and multiple chambers of air deliver outstanding thermal conductivity properties.

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SioTherm range includes 3 products:

SioTherm Freeform is used for plumbing fitting thermal insulation. It is supplied as 2 separate components that have to be mixed right at a construction site or industrial facility and shaped directly on the fitting.

All the countries have their special personnel safety requirements — the surface temperature of hot equipment and pipelines insulation has to remain within 50 °C.

Another crucial requirement is the reduction of CO2 emission and loss of heat accordingly.

Most of the existing solutions have very low working temperatures. Foam plastics like EPS, XPS and PUR work in the range of +80 °C to +150 °C.

Mineral fiber mats and panels have a working temperature of +600 °C. Yet over time they are affected by shrinkage, lose their shape and insulation layer thickness. Formaldehyde emission is yet another issue.

Expensive light refractory materials usually have to be used for a working temperature range of +500 °C to +800 °C.

SioTherm can be used as self-sufficient separate thermal insulation for temperatures up to +800 °C or combined with other refractory materials to reach even higher temperatures.

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