SioPor is effective
thermal insulation material
in the form of porous
spherical granules

SioPor can be used as thermal insulation aggregate for attics, roofs, wooden floors, decks and walls. As an aggregate for extra-light macroporous concretes (300-400 kg/m³).

Its small fraction is used as filler for lightened (insulating) plasters.

SioPor is also used as an aggregate for SioTherm thermal insulating shells and panels and SiDeck acoustical ceilings.

The fine fraction of SioPor can be used as filler for thermoplastic polymers to lower their weight and to improve fire protection.

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Most of the porous granulated materials get a hard surface shell during the production process. As a result — the smaller is their granules size the higher is their bulk density and thermal conductivity.

SioPor is very different. It has an even porosity of 95% through that allows reaching an extra-low bulk density of 50-70 kg/m³.

SioPor has a fractal porosity combining large, small and micro pores. This results in perfect sound insulation and a very low thermal conductivity.

Chemically SioPor is close to the glass. And its granules’ surface can get heat tempered if needed.

Macro shot of the porous structure of one expanded SioPor granule.

Each granule has a diameter of 3-9 mm.

SioPor production

SioPor is produced using very compact energy-saving low temperature (300 °C) technology. As a result, the production is environment-friendly and has a very low CO2 emission

The production line for expanding 80 000 m³ of SioPor a year requires 300 m² of production space.

The production line for SioPor expanding from semi-product is very simple and reliable – like a popcorn machine.

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