SiDeck - revolutionary
commercial acoustical
ceiling tiles

SiDeck is an innovative solution for commercial acoustical ceilings with unique outstanding characteristics and performance.
SiDeck has excellent sound absorption and it is absolutely non-combustible, 100% non-organic with zero-emission, it is moisture- and waterproof and 100% recyclable.
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Noise Absorption

Due to active acoustical surface SiDeck absorbs a wide range of noise frequencies. This is possible due to special natural porosity relief with a unique pattern of large, small and micro cavities that work along the specter to ensure a comfortable noiseless environment.

Fire Resistance

SiDeck ceiling tiles are absolutely non-combustible, both sides, through (European Class A1). They emit no smoke or toxic agents during heat or fire as SiDeck contains no organic components that can ignite, burn, cause any rise in temperature or give off flammable vapors.

100% Non-organic

SiDeck tiles contain no organic fibers, glues and binding. They are formaldehyde-free and non-toxic, with zero-emission (European Class E0). No dust, no basalt/mineral fibers or micro-shards that can be inhaled and cause health problems.

Moisture- and Waterproof

SiDeck ceiling tiles are chemically close to the foamed glass so they are waterproof and humidity-resistant, can be used in areas with humidity up to 100%.

SiDeck can be washed and cleaned using surfactants, sponges, brushes and high-pressure cleaners. And the natural alkaline condition of the material makes it mold/mildew/fungus resistant.

Easy Installation

SiDeck ceilings can be installed using standard suspension grid systems available on the market for 60cm×60cm tiles. Alternatively, they can be glued directly to the surface of the ceiling or walls. Tiles are lightweight 2.5-4 kg/m2 — perfect for easy labor-saving installation. This also allows using cheaper suspension systems with a lower load.

100% Recyclable

SiDeck ceilings are 100% recyclable material and require no special waste treatment. They can be crushed and used as an effective thermal insulation material or aggregate for extra-light concretes.

SiDeck tiles are paintable. They have natural beige-white color and unique non-repeating porous pattern similar to natural stone — porous sandstone or shell limestone.
Tiles are solid and they can have different custom thicknesses. The surface can be 3-D engraved with any custom design pattern for improved acoustics and aesthetics.

Why SiDeck Is So Efficient?

Most of the ceiling tiles on the market have acoustical properties based on their fiber structure — they consist of fibers (wooden wool, basalt, mineral etc.) that are bound with certain glues (resins, cement, starch etc.)

SiDeck is unique as it has a homogenous porous structure throughout. This is possible due to porous silicate granules of Siopor (3-8 mm) bound with expanded silicate binding, that together form SiDeck

After forming and expanding the board is cut into 2 tiles revealing active acoustical surfaces. Each surface is tempered and glazed in open flame to improve light reflectance, surface hardness and cleanability.

Fractal structure gives SiDeck unique acoustical properties due to numerous large, small and micro pores.

SiDeck production

Production of SiDeck is very efficient and environmental-friendly.

Energy-efficient low-temperature production (300 °C) with maximum warmth recuperation and as a result – low CO2 emission.

Wasteless production as all the broken or defected products and parts can be reused or crushed and used as effective thermal insulation material and aggregate for extra-light concretes

Environment-friendly production with no waste effluent, only pure water vapor is emitted into the air (can be reused)

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