is Innovative Solution
for Effective
Structural Ceramics

SiBrick is an innovative solution for effective structural wall ceramics.

We fill the gaps in ceramic blocks with porous silicate material SioTherm that has very low thermal conductivity.

SiBrick technology allows the production of large ceramic blocks that have a lot of advantages towards ones filled with perlite or mineral fibers absolutely avoiding their disadvantages.

SiBrick technology provides the opportunity to produce large ceramic stone tiles with a thermal resistance of R=10m² °K/W (U-Wert= 0.1 W/m² °K) with a wall thickness of 50 cm.

The technology is very flexible and any structural ceramics (large blocks, clinker bricks etc.) can be filled with SioTherm – the combination of porous SioPor granules with SiCoat silicate binding.

Low-temperature drying (300 °C) expands SiCoat between SioPor granules to form the homogenous fill with fractal porosity.

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What is SioTherm

This material we call SioTherm and it is used in effective elements of construction and industrial thermal insulation due to its characteristics and properties:

We define 3 main factors of SiBrick evolution:

SiBrick production

SiBrick technology is simple and reliable.

And can be installed almost at any modern structural ceramics production facility.

It is important to note that SiBrick production can utilize the secondary heat of brick production kilns and furnaces as it requires the temperature of just 300 °C.

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