SiBoard – Composite boards
and profiles based
on non-organic binder

SiBoard is a family of composite boards based on our patented non-organic binder using various cellulose-containing materials, including typically non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste.

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SiBoard technology provides options to produce a variety of panel, board and 3-D products while utilizing the following types of materials:

Wastes that can be recycled in SiBoard production:

Raw materials that can be recycled during SiBoard production:

The high temperature of up to 200°C and water vapor pressure of 1.5 Mpa create an autoclaving effect that together with high pH=10 completely disinfect organics and saponify fats during the SiBoard production process.

Core SiBoard
products include:

SiBoard products are an advanced solution for modern construction:

Structural boards and profiles have a density of 800 kg/m³ while insulation varieties have a density of 120-150 kg/m3 and λ=0.035-0.04 W/m*°K

wood wool siboard

Product Application

SiBoard applications include a wide area of construction solutions and elements:

Structural Boards

SSB has various applications including:

The main area of application for SSB and 3DSB is the construction industry.

SSB can effectively replace such traditional materials as particleboard, chipboard, OSB and WWCB.

Combined with extruded profiles and thermal-insulating SiBoard panels they can be a base for mass-market quickly erectable housing.

Affordability makes SiBoard a smart choice for social projects worldwide while environmental care and ecological safety make it a perfect fit for sustainable premium construction.

Opposed to chipboard and OSB SiBoard is a much safer and environmentally sustainable option.

SiBoard production does not require extraction of timber, instead, it can utilize problematic wastes amassing all around the planet. Using such throw-away raw materials also allows significant cost reduction for the material itself and buildings.

Moreover, SiBoard is a much safer option as it is self-extinguishing and has zero formaldehyde emission.

Wood Wool
Wood Wool
Striped Tetrapack
Dollar Banknotes
KFC Waste
McDonalds Waste

Insulation Boards

SiBoard thermal insulation boards are the new generation of construction materials made of cellulose fibers, e.g. woodwool.

The current market uses fibrolite-WWCB (wood wool cement board) with magnesite and Portland cement.

The density of such boards exceeds 400 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity is not low enough to use them as effective insulation material.

Unlike traditional fibrolite, ISB has a density of 120-150 kg/m³ and thermal conductivity of λ=0.035-0.04 W/m*°K that cannot be reached with cement binding.

ISB is equal or better than mineral wool products in terms of density and insulation, while SiBoard is solid, self-extinguishing, contains no formaldehyde and is 100% recyclable.

Production of ISB requires much less energy compared to mineral wool production.

This significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

At the same time unlike traditional WWCB that have a number of limitations towards raw material quality (humidity, sugar, oil content) SiBoard insulation boards can utilize woodwool or the wide range of plant fibers available (coir, raffia, hay, POEFB and OPF, etc.)

Extruded Profiles

SiBoard product family features extruded 3D products, such as pillars and beams that can have a shape of a girder of various sections.

They can be box-section girders or U-, H-, Z- and T-shaped sections.

Unlike existing NFC/WPC products 3DSB beams:

  • Are low-combustible
  • Have a high fire-resistance rating
  • Have high elastic modulus
  • Do not accumulate plastic deformation
siboard extruded pipe

Binding Agent

SiBoard is based on our patented non-organic silicate binder SiCoat with the content of chemically bound water up to 20% by weight that is also used as fire protecting glue.

SiCoat has a high viscosity and has rheologic properties compared to custard.

This allows even and smooth application to the surface without absorption by cellulose fibers.

sicoat binder
recycling siboard


SiBoard not only allows to recycle problematic waste but it is 100% recyclable itself.

SiBoard can be reused. After grinding it can be used in the production of new SiBoard panels.

No hazardous waste is produced during recycling.

Environmental Care

SiBoard is a part of SiTech, a family of innovative silicate products with a wide range of applications — from the construction industry, chemical and aircraft manufacturing solutions to agriculture.

Environmental care is our priority at all the stages of our products’ life cycles: production, usage and recycling.

Our products and technologies contribute to environmental care and provide multiple innovative solutions for ecologically responsible operations.

All SiTech products are inspired by nature — they are safe, wasteless and 100% recyclable.

Our 360° environmental concept makes SiBoard a perfect solution for modern sustainable construction focusing on safety and ecology.

CO2 emission reduction

Unlike traditional products and solutions, SiBoard does not require extraction of timber and allows using alternative raw materials.

SiBoard products can replace existing materials that require high energy consumption during production.

If you have any special needs in recycling of a specific material, we will be happy to discuss them and to find the proper solution for you.

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